Be a Continuous Person

Let there be no break in who you are. This is the heart of humility. Humility is to find your place, whether you perceive it as great or small, and to keep yourself there. If you find you are to sweep floors for a living, so be it. Do it with all your might, and proudly. If your lot is to consort with kings and presidents, then by all means do not shy away from your purpose.


Be continuous. Do not stop and don’t be interrupted. A continuous person shows up day after day, no matter what they say. Who you are is essential to what the world is to become, and to what history will say about the generation in which you live.

Be fiercely continuous. There are endless obstacles that will come your way. These are to test your resolve. Will this pilgrim turn from his journey? Will he cave and become someone else, will he show another face? Or, after staring down the bully of resistance, will he set his face like granite stone and press forward with a heart that’s true?

A continuous life takes courage and perseverance. God, men, and devils will test you. But know this, that your testing will produce in you a steely resolve, a greater way of being, a person will emerge who is perhaps greater than you ever gave yourself credit for.

Don’t be an interrupted person. Let the world know who you are and don’t. back. down.

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