Break the Boundaries of Failure

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 A scientist ran some experiments with a barracuda. He put one in a big fish tank. He put fish into the tank to feed it. Then, the scientist divided the tank in half with glass, to separate the barracuda and its prey. Repeatedly, the hunter rammed into the glass, trying to reach the fish. After a series of failures, it gave up.

Next, the scientist took the glass divider out of the tank. When he put more fish into the tank, the hungry barracuda did nothing. The scientist successfully trained an expert predator to not do what it was born to do!

Do you resonate with anything from that story?

Failure is a trainer. It is a dream killer. It teaches you to not chase your aspirations. Failure is the invisible divider in the tank – when you come up against it enough times, you learn to live inside boundaries.

This is where you start limiting yourself – in spite of that nagging sense that there’s more to life. You are stupefied by the TV series, sports, video games, and other vices. Yet reality dictates that satisfaction comes through accomplishments. But, in the aquarium, you seek happiness through cheap placebos and unimaginative substitutes.

Entertainment is good – as a supplement to a life of purpose. But it can’t supplant accomplishment, because our primary purpose is not to feel pleasure. Too much gratification leads to complacency. Do yourself a favor. Break the glass. Overcome your fears.

If you stay within the boundaries of what’s comfortable, you’ll stop growing as a person. And if you stop growing, you start dying. Little by little. Step by step. Day by day. You probably know what I mean.

Like pleasures, boundaries aren’t evil. Just don’t let them define your life. Boundaries can help people feel safe. But if they keep you from achieving your full potential, you’re going to have break them down.

Don’t let failures rule your life. Get off of the couch and crash through the glass divider. The only thing holding you back is you.

Photo by Julia Koefender

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