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smile photoWhen I was young I had a hard time talking. It’s not that I lacked the ability – it’s just that getting the words out were hard. Looking back I believe that it’s because I felt so small because my words drowned in the bigger voice of the world around me. I wanted to say good things and smile at people and see them smile back. But mostly, I saw angry or frowning people. When I spoke out against the status quo I keenly felt the disapproval.  I didn’t think people wanted to hear me or see me smile so I just kept quiet. I didn’t know that God loves my smile. I didn’t know that my smile could change the world.

I guess some of that fear that I felt as a kid is still there today. Old habits die hard. It’s still hard to get some words out and sometimes hard to smile, but I’ve decided to try my best to make a difference for others who might feel the same as me.

The world is full of words. They come at you from all directions and in all forms. Unless you are a hermit that lives off in the woods somewhere with no TV, radio, or internet, there is a constant barrage of words coming at you in spoken and written forms. Then, there’s your own thoughts to deal with!

What if the messages that you hear every day – including the ones in your head that only you can hear – add up over time, like a river is made of tributaries, to make up a continuous-stream conversation? Let’s call it your life conversation. All that’s put into your life makes up a solid percentage of who you believe that you are, what you can and can’t do, who you spend time with, and what you do with your days.

This life conversation is really important. What usually happens to the child who’s told over and over that he is bad? How about the woman who believes that she is ugly simply because some jerk told her so?

What about the news that shows you terrible things over and over?

Or churches that tell you how bad you are?

Or your boss who pressures you every day to do-do-do with little or no reward?

Or the culture that tells you to cover up your beauty?

Or the businesses that use you as slave labor?

Or the people who will use your body for pleasure?

Make your life a conversation to the world

I believe that to change our world, we need to change the conversation. We need to see the big picture about life, how everything that our minds allow into our souls accumulates, and the total left over is what we are left to live with. The conversation of the world that we listen to everyday becomes our life. But now we need to take control, so that our life becomes a conversation to the world.

That’s why I decided to start this blog. I just want to inject something good into your day. And I hope that you pass it on or pay it forward to your friend and family, and to the strangers that you meet today.

Does that make sense? Doesn’t that sound good?

So let’s challenge each other. Let’s encourage each other with our God-given beauty and the things that are good. When I see some good in you I promise to tell you, to reinforce it. And I hope that you share that good with others. I hope that you post it on Facebook, or Twitter, or in whatever circles you run. And I hope that you don’t care too much what others think about the good that you bring to life. But mostly I hope that others express appreciation for the good that you bring, the good that is you.

It’s pretty sad that the world around us can crush the spirit of a child, but that’s reality. Let’s remember that it’s the sum of the messages that people see and hear that make up their view of life. Let’s do our part so that the next generations of kids have a better place to develop, learn, and grow into adults who know how to speak, smile, and bring good into the world.

Because a smile can change the world.

Start here. Why not share how a smile or words of kindness changed you in the comments below?

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