His Vision, Resource, and Strength

vision photoThere is little point to acting upon anything without His vision. And, when you have listened long enough to see as He does, there is little point in acting upon that vision until you receive His resource. Then, once He grants the resource for the vision to you, it is still folly to act until it is in His strength. All three are necessary for kingdom action to happen on the earth.

People start so much Church activity by one or more of these necessities, but rarely all three. All three need discipline and patience. It is in waiting upon Him that they come to pass, and we are impatient creatures, in the flesh. It is the ego that must see it done at once, an undisciplined mind that cannot tarry for the great outcomes that the Kingdom promises, and settles for the mixed result of the good peppered by the spoiled.

The things of the Kingdom cannot mix with those of the Cosmos. They are foreign materials, completely alien from one another. When one tries to get Kingdom results while still holding to Cosmos principles, there is spoilage and pain in the result.

Jesus instructed to let no man call you “Rabbi,” which today is close to saying “pastor” or “priest.” And yet, in circles among those who name Jesus as “Lord,” men insist upon being named by such titles. A little strange, no? Jesus also instructed to call no man on earth “father,” and yet one of the largest and wealthiest Christian denominations on the planet makes its members call the priests, “father.” He further instructed that no one be called “leader,” and yet leadership, to the best understanding of man, is upheld in highest regard among those who call themselves leaders in the global Church.

But do not be called Rabbi; for One is your Teacher, and you are all brothers. Do not call anyone on earth your father; for One is your Father, He who is in heaven. Do not be called leaders; for One is your Leader, that is, Christ. Matthew 23: 8-10

The roles of Rabbi or pastor, father, and leader each imply that a person is over you,  and that such a person will provide what you need. It is to set up a subordinate, often hierarchical, dependent relationship. Jesus gives the reason that such relationships don’t work: “Because you are all brothers…because you have one Father in heaven, because you have one leader,” namely, Jesus himself. To act the part of any of those roles is to usurp the seat of God. The playing field among men is level. We are all sons and daughters, we are all brothers and sisters, we are all potential disciples of Jesus. There is no hierarchy in the picture that Jesus paints for us. Who are you to then believe, the words of Christ or those of the clamoring majority?

On a planet full of equals we are free to discover what God wants together. We encourage, correct, and love one another. We can inspire and uplift each other. This is right among a family of creatures. When confusion sets in, we redirect one another back to Jesus.

If you keep going about looking to men for vision, resources, and strength, you will be let down every time. This is one reason why there is so much pain in the Church. Pain is an indicator, it is there to show that something is wrong. We are, each one, limited, and this for a reason: that we continuously go to God for what we need. If men do not point you to Him, as disciples of Jesus, and instead point you to themselves, or other men, or to the Church, you will be feeding from the wrong trough, one that’s full of pig slop. You will surely miss the great banquet feast in the dining hall of heaven, the great table that is set for your arrival, for the simple reason that you didn’t hear the invitation because you listened to the wrong voices.

I say to first begin to listen to Him who knows you and has a rightful vision for you. Go to Him and listen to Him until you hear. When you begin to see what He wants, then begin to look for His resource. Don’t make a move until it comes. You will know it for certain, because will arrive in an amazing, unexpected way, and its unfathomable appearance will confirm the path for you and shut the mouths of naysayers. Then, once the resource is there, stay still until His strength comes upon you. When you have the strength that He gives, all is effortless and appears to the world as though some magical power is in play. But that is only because the world does not have such power, never had it, cannot have it, and doesn’t acknowledge its existence.strength photo

Kingdom power is not magic, but it is alien to this world. In the Kingdom it is just normal.

So much of Kingdom work is about waiting, and that is for our benefit. We are works in progress, being transformed day by day into the likeness of Christ. He waits to act until we are ready. And once we are, there is nothing in heaven or on earth that can stop us from accomplishing His vision, with His resources, and in His strength.

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