Let God be God

skeleton kingSomehow it’s all too easy to forget to give space for God as King in your life.

Free-will means that you are the captain of your ship. You are sovereign of your life. You decide how to lead. God will not take that from you.

But, to rule without God’s aid is to live the life of a dim candle in the shadow of a volcano. You have such potential for greatness but don’t know how to get there.

Just think: you have full access to the God who made you, who sustains all life, the one who knows how to do everything. And it’s free for the asking.

Why settle for a skeleton, when the full package of abundant life awaits you?

Why insist on rejecting God’s help? Free advice from the only one who knows exactly what you need? Jesus calls this folly.

Everyone who hears these words of Mine and does not act on them, will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand. The rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and slammed against that house; and it fell—and great was its fall.

Matthew 7: 26-27

Ah, but there are plenty of people who will lead you down the road of lunacy.

Some believe that you create reality. If you think it, it will come to pass. If you imagine it vigorously enough, or often enough, it will become existence. It is up to you, you are the master of your fate, on an on it goes. Basically, that you are God. Sounds nice. Consider my ego sufficiently stroked.

So if my thoughts and your thoughts create reality, and the thoughts of billions of other people shape existence at the same time…hmmm, how does that work? How does the reality-warping of all the little gods converge?

Genie 2Some religious folk run under similar principles. The key is belief. To get what you want, just believe. God will bring it to you on a silver platter. After all, you deserve it. You’re entitled to it, and to your health and prosperity.

God knows and wants what is best for us. It’s just not always what we expect. And we’re not entitled to anything. Life is a gift to approach with gratitude.

So don’t treat Him like a magic genie, waiting on your every whim. He didn’t answer your prayer? Well, maybe He’s stuck in the lamp! Try believing harder! 

There is more to God than that!

If you buy snake-oil from truth swindlers, you get tossed by every wind that blows like a toothpick in a tornado.

You need a standard, a field guide, a charter for life so that you don’t get suckered by con artists and charlatans. 

Positive thinking is good. Optimists tend to make more money, attract followers, and stay healthy. By all means, read books to stay focused and determined. Join a group for mutual encouragement and to exchange ideas. You need every edge you can get in life. Just don’t buy the snake oil.

Figuring out who is right is like walking through a minefield. Alone. In the dark.

Beware of those who make it all about you, who tickle your ears and fluff your ego. They’ll tell you whatever you want to hear. You can do anything you want to do, be whatever you want, think whatever you want into existence. They are very persuasive — and have honed that skill to their advantage.

They are selling rubbish for pudding, dipped in a thin glaze of truth.  If you buy their slop, slavery to another form of legalism awaits you. In short, people invent or repackage and sell religious mechanisms everyday.

The fact is, God is God and does what He wants, when He wants, and how He wants…regardless of what you believe. Self-righteous people like Job don’t like it. Maybe we’d all like to believe otherwise, but it won’t change the facts.

So, let’s focus on the solution, shall we? How can you rule yourself in truth, honor, and according to design? How much of life is really in your control?

You are the captain of your ship, but God controls the seas

The the hull of your watercraft is your realm. It is the only arena that you can change. This is your body, heart, mind, soul, and spirit. When you put out to sea (life), you don’t know if the waters will be kind to you or not. The question is not if rough waters will come, but when.

The trial is in the storm, to see if your faith survives. That hardship is absent proves nothing.

God created you for a specific purpose. Let go of the reigns and let God do His job. Find your niche in life and act on it. Learn natural laws — Kingdom principles — and abide in them. The only sure way to walk in life is this: to confidently depend on the Maker to illuminate your next steps.

God has provided you with a constitution. Each earthly kingdom has one, and it is there to help the king govern. Imagine trying to hold a kingdom together on your own, without a constitution. You’d just be guessing. And all the realm knows it.

But isn’t that like what most people choose to do every day? Guessing at best, and overwhelmed by whatever is influencing them in the moment?

God’s constitution, the Bible, ensures that you’ll know where you’re going and what you are doing. With His instruction, you’re not lost or adrift at sea. The High King wrote it as a testament to His will, a legal document made to stand in any court of law.

God’s constitution is truth and life. Through it, in step with His Holy Spirit, the King instructs each of His earthly ambassadors in the way they should go. 

Let His truth permeate your life, your soul, and your spirit. In it, you will find who He is; the Lord of all, Provider, wonderful Counselor, Redeemer, Maker, righteous Judge, Transformer, Healer, Perfecter, and Author (and so much more!) of your life.

Tungurahua Volcano eruptionWhite candle isolated against a black background

He will show you who you are in His constitution, if you let Him. He will show the way, if you listen.

So listen. Let God be God.

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Dustin White


  1. Gale Flowers

    The Inspired Pilgrim continues to inspire this pilgrim with his insightful and gifted writing! Thank you, my brother!

    • And thank you, my good friend. A shot of love from afar coming your way!

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