The Messenger

Picasso inspirationWhen you really need a message, God takes pains to send a messenger. Consider what happened to me just the other day.

She sat at the table next to mine at Jars of Clay coffee shop in Phnom Penh. The restaurant was extremely busy. In fact, a large group of people filled the upstairs. Usually, I sit there because it is quiet and more private to settle in and write. But that day I sat downstairs. Customers took up all the other tables. So, when an Australian couple walked in I waved them over to share mine.

We talked, and shared with one another bits from our lives. He was a retired Navy officer and then a charter boat captain/owner out of Sydney harbor. She had run a funeral home business. I told them that I was in the process of writing a book, and shared the gist of what’s inside so far.

Suddenly, the woman at the table next to me moved to catch her helmet, which she kept from falling from the chair. I glanced over and our eyes met for an instant. I didn’t think anymore of it. My new Aussie friends said goodbye and left for more adventures in Cambodia.

I was ready to get going on more writing, when the woman approached and said with a smile, “Do you mind if I share something with you?”

I said of course not. Please, share anything. She said in the instant that our eyes had met when her helmet fell, she saw a vision as clear as day. fountain pen 3The image, she said, was of an old-fashioned fountain pen, or really just the nub of the pen. The pen was writing letters, and the letters were exquisite, beautiful. She said, “You are the tip of the pen. You are making the letters. And God wants you to know that what you have to say is very important.”

She didn’t know that I am writing a book. She hadn’t overheard my discussion with the Australian couple. Believe me, I asked. But God knows and hears. And He knows how much I need encouragement. So, He sent the messenger.

Can you say goosebumps?

Do you have a story when God sent a message to you, right when you needed it? Was it through a person, a song, or a book? Through nature? Please take a few minutes and share in the comments.

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